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Always digging.

One place I like digging through is writer Richard Kadrey‘s Damn Tumblr feed. It’s very rich in images – as Tumblr should be – and this popped up, along with a few others from this set from Urban Ghosts of an abandoned Veterinarian School in Belgium. Check out the site.



Some more research pics

So in looking up references, I dig through some of the most random corners of the internet. Here are some I’ve used in developing a spacesuit.

Enjoy! More to come.


Hiding away …

Hi, so for the last few months I have been hiding away, drawing like a madman, making Chiselton t best book I can currently make it. I am midway through redrawing episode three. Once I finish that episode, I will start scanning the 72 finished pages for toning and lettering. I will also start thumbnailing episode four and beyond. My original plan was the create four episodes, and wrap up the story neatly, but I realised I wanted to draw out the action, and show the readers more of Chiselton’s world of 1888.

My current estimate of this, the first book of Chiselton’s adventures, is now somewhere around ten episodes, or two meaty compilations. And then there’s book two …