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Florida launch

So I got the pages in just in the nick of time, and here’s the Poster I wrapped up last night…


Chiselton Launch Poster

First Major Announcement Of The Day

It has been announced that The New Adventures of Sir Harry Chiselton has been added to What The Flux’ roster.

#1 of the serial, “Sir Harry Chiselton Save The Moon” should be released July 1st at the Florida SuperCon, just in time for July 4th Weekend. At the Con there will also be one or two Con Exclusive posters as well, so Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

Also – featured on their website.

Keep checking back here for updates.


Fun With Facebook

So, to provide some quality content, I’ve posted up a few pages at FaceBook – 2-5 along with additional comments. Attached here is page 1, which doesn’t say anything or give anything away beyond that the adventure starts somewhere in Romania… but then if you’ve been following Sir Harry’s Twitter-feed, you’d know that already, right?

Page one of The New Adventures of Sir Harry Chiselton

New Orleans

New Orleans is a bit-player in #1, but even a bit-player requires some kind of reference… whether a Voodoo Queen or a random high street. Besides, New Orleans may well develop into something else before the book is over…


Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau

Some more Picture Reference

I have a folder on my computer which grows steadily, with all kinds of visual references – it’s almost to the point that Google prefaces the word ‘Victorian’ or ‘Edwardian’ before every search query that I make… to put together Sir Harry Chiselton, I culled from all kinds of diverse sources. Pictures of Adam Ant, engraved Uzis, stills from Zulu and Zardoz, Sean Connery, Lalo Schifrin soundtracks and James Bond movie posters.

Tip Of The Iceberg

Hrrm. So, there’s this Blog, and Sir Harry’s Twittter-Feed which Dan and I are using like a literary Exquisite Corpse to outline events running up to Issue #1. Last night I also started up Sir Harry’s Facebook page. Dan and I will fill in more details as time progresses, so why not Like, Recommend and Friend Sir Harry on Facebook.

As the ABC Warriors said, “Spread The Word”.

Storymaking Updates

So Chiselton #1 is pretty much ‘In the can’, as it were – maybe a few minor edits and then hopefully it’ll be loosed upon the World sometime in July/August. While The Editors Do Their Thing, I’m trying to drum up publicity, and start on #2.

At this point I have the first 10 pages roughed out, and 3 pages of that pencilled. One of the joys of working in ‘The Marvel Style’ is that I get to ink pages when I feel they’re ready, and in any order I want. After 20 years (?) of mindless self-indulgence, I’m still learning about balloon placement. Luckily, I have Dan to look to for pacing and any plot-twists.

Maybe before I start inking I’ll post some pages online – once #1 comes out… (yes, way to keep you all in suspense…)

And I’ll be introducing the Steam-Powered Rock Saw… Rock Saws and Zombies. #2 WILL be messy.