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Victorian London

This is really reference for Volume 2, Chiselton Goes Underground, but it’s too good to pass up on showing off…

Moon-Base Albert

I feel like sharing some of my visual references for the Moon-Base. Enjoy…

Some more Picture Reference

I have a folder on my computer which grows steadily, with all kinds of visual references – it’s almost to the point that Google prefaces the word ‘Victorian’ or ‘Edwardian’ before every search query that I make… to put together Sir Harry Chiselton, I culled from all kinds of diverse sources. Pictures of Adam Ant, engraved Uzis, stills from Zulu and Zardoz, Sean Connery, Lalo Schifrin soundtracks and James Bond movie posters.

The Cover

After several false starts, I finally came up with a cover I liked. I had several initial concepts, but they slowly got overwritten layer by layer in Photoshop as time went past.

Patterns were thrown out, scraps of end-papers, scans… textures, even. Colour schemes changed…


The cover to #1

And then there was the logo. Although that’s another post in itself.

Dressing the part

Its not enough to have characters wandering around saying words. They also have to look the part. For each character, Tim spent an age doing research, getting the details of the clothing and making sure that there was not too much anachronism (despite the whole story being anachronistic…!)

For Emily Wallace, this dress suited her look. Not too European, not too American, this looked like something a woman of some means would wear.

But – what would she weild? It would be easy to throw in a Colt, a Tranter or Vickers, but I found something that stood out, looked somewhat unusual, but not too much of a hand-cannon.

So I found this large-bore Webley Pryce .450 handgun. Something that would make a nasty hole in any oncoming vermin, but not look too out of place in a Lady’s hand.